Eid al Adha

Strategic prayer for a Disciple Making Movement

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Our Vision

We want to cover this region with continuous 24/7 prayer as Muslims in the MENA region remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim.

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Extraordinary Prayer

Every disciple making movement in history has happened in the context of extraordinary prayer.

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Movement Focused

Join us in asking, seeking, and knocking for streams of disciples and churches to be made.

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24/7 Every Day

Choose a 15-minute (or more!) time slot that you can pray during each day. Invite someone else to sign up too.

Join us in covering the MENA Region in 24/7 prayer during Eid al Adha!

Let's pray that Muslims in the MENA region will see that Ibrahim's sacrifice points to the sacrificial, substitutionary death of Isa. There are strongholds that keep Muslims in bondage and unbelief. We can work to tear them down in prayer. Join a prayer movement that will lead to a movement of disciples and churches in the MENA region.

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